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Quality & Service

For over 30 years, FIRST COLOR products have had a good reputation
for excellent qualit
ies. For the purposes of optimization and quality assurance
we are continuously integrating the most highest quality technologies and production. And we also collaborate closely with scientific institutions and universities.

After all, the high value that FIRST COLOR places on environmental protection, safety, customer-focus and quality assurance is also reflected in large measure
by our certification according to ISO 9001 :2000.

Our product development is closely linked to the current and future needs
of our
customers. In this respect, we expect our innovations as the essential
prerequisite and
critical factor for the long-term business success of our


Thats why we rely on intensive research and development in the field to continuously expand our popular product range.

Quality control is our top priority. With many developers, engineers in our R&D and
Q.C dept, we are struggling to maintain and improve our product qualities.
Environmental responsibilities
As an environmental friendly company we spare no labor upon protection of
environment like hugh investment for air and water purification system.


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